Blood Trivia

Blood Trivia

Someone will use blood every 3 seconds!!

One of every 100 blood donors ~ which one are you?

6 O- 39 O+
7 A- 34 A+
1.5 B- 8.5 B+
.5 AB- 3.5 AB+

What percent of a person's body weight is blood?

Which blood type must receive only their own specific type, even in an emergency?

How many blood types do cows have?
Over 800

Which blood component used for clotting cannot be frozen and has a 5 day shelf life?

The average adult has how many pints of blood in their body?
10 - 12

How much blood can be used during a transplant?
50 - 100 + units of blood components

You can donate whole blood every 56 days - how often can you donate platelets?
Every 2 weeks

Can you name the four components of blood?
Plasma, Platelets, Red cells, White cells

More Blood Trivia:

Q. What common chemical added to blood keeps it from clotting until it is ready to be transfused to a patient?
A. Salt

Q. What common chemical added to blood greatly increases its storage time without adversely affecting the quality?
A. Sugar

Q. When and how was the first administration of blood given?
A. The early Egyptians and Romans prescribed it orally as a life-giving tonic and to transmit youth from donor to recipient.

Q. What was the nickname of the Queen of England and Ireland who resigned from 1553-1558?
A. Bloody Mary (Mary Tudor)

Q. Which ancient culture, believing that blood had magical powers, painted their bodies with it and bathed their kings in it as part of their tribal ritual to appease the gods?
A. Aztecs

Q. In ancient times, what profession became known by the name of an animal they frequently employed in their work?
A. Doctors used leeches to remove blood (which supposedly removed demons which were thought to be the cause of illness). Soon their patients started referring to physicians as "leeches."

Q. When were the four blood types identified in humans?
A. Blood transfusions were first attempted around 1600 by transfusing animal blood into humans - with disastrous results. Then, in the early 1800s an English obstetrician, James Blundell, came up with the idea of human blood for human beings. The results were better, but still some patients inexplicably died. Finally, in 1920, Karl Landsteiner identified the four basic blood types, and subsequently, the success of blood transfusions was significantly increased when patients were transfused with their same type.

Q. Which RH factor is most needed, RH+ or RH- ?
A. Both. A greater percentage of people have RH+, so this means more RH+ blood donors are needed. Fewer people have RH- blood so there are fewer donors to provide this type when needed.

Q. What is the origin of the red & white striped pole designating a barber shop?
A. In the Middle Ages, bloodletting was a popular cure for many ills, and barbers became known as professional bloodletters. Red & white barber poles symbolize the practice of hanging bloodstained bandages outside their shops.

Q. What English aristocrat believed that bathing in blood would keep her young (which may have contributed to the beginning of the vampire legend)?
A. Mary Bathory

Q. What blood type did Mr. Spock of Star Trek have?
A. His blood type was T-negative (and colored green because of the copper content)

Q. What nation has popularized the belief that blood type is an indicator of personality traits?
A. Japan

Q. What percentage of a person's body weight is blood?
A. 7%

Q. What percentage of Chinese people have RH+ blood?
A. 100%

Q. Which blood type must receive only their own specific type, even in an emergency?
A. O-

Q. How many blood types do cats have?
A. Four

Q. How many blood types do cows have?
A. Over 800

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