RC can stand for two different sorts of cars: there are remote controlled and radio controlled cars. Both of these are enjoyable to use but there are some differences. The remote controlled car usually has wires which are connected between the car and the remote handset. No wires are used with a radio controlled car. Today, RC relates more to radio or infra red controlled cars.

One will find off-road and on-road cars to fit one's needs in remote or radio controlled cars. The on-road cars are intended mainly for smooth surfaces where the off-road cars are made more durable with wider tires and full suspension.

Direction and speed are controlled with a hand held controller or transmitter for both the radio controlled car and the remote controlled car.

The controller or transmitter normally has levers or buttons to operate to control the power of the car. Most of these need a battery. The controlling of two cars can be achieved with the controller as one does not need to switch between frequencies as is done with a radio controlled car.

The functions on the controller are: left or right forward, straight forward, reverse to the left or the right and straight back. A car will stop if no lever is pushed or button pressed.

The radio and infra red controlled cars are controlled on radio frequencies. The controller may have joy sticks as well as buttons to operate to control the car.

The joy sticks are usually found in the more advanced models used by racing enthusiasts and users who are quite serious about what they are doing. Radio or infra red allows more comprehensive control of the car.

There are two different ways a car may be powered. They are electric or fuel, which is petrol or nitro. It is up to the individual as to which they buy but the electric is usually the better sort for the novice.

The electric powered cars have small electric motors and there are rechargeable batteries that are manufactured of lithium polymer, nickel-cadmium, or nickel metal hydride. There are also two types of electric motors: brushed and brushless.

In fuel cars, there are small internal combustion engines, which are known as glow plug engines. A special mixture of methanol, oil, and nitromthane or plain petrol is needed to run these vehicles. The mixture of oil used is usually castor oil and synthetic oil. The fuels are not compatible.

Small petrol engines have recently been used in some of the larger models. Using a mixture of oil and petrol they resemble the grass strimmer motors. There are many makes and models on the market these days and they do not stop at just cars.

Trucks, diggers, trains, helicopters and planes are a couple of the other RC's that can become found on the market. One only needs to choose what one is searching for and where they will get using their car.

Prices will vary considerably from a novice's car to an advanced car and from brand to brand. There are also kits to create one's own car.
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