Did Julius Caesar ever eat Caesar’s Salad?

Did Julius Caesar ever eat Caesar’s Salad? Not even at a toga party. We might as well ask if he ever ate Waldorf salad, Baked Alaska or Southern Fried Chicken. In the days of the Romaine, uh, Roman Empire, this dish was unknown.

And contrary to what many people think, Caesar’s Salad was not invented in Prince Mike Romanoff’s Hollywood restaurant, either. But Romanoff, who by the way was also not a prince, is credited with popularizing it and adding the anchovies

Caesar’s Salad was first tossed in Tijuana, where tourists wearing Roman sandals have passed through in legions, but never in Roman chariots, other than Alfa Romeos. Its creator was Caesar Gardini, the other Caesar, who put it together at his restaurant, Caesar’s Place, from romaine lettuce, egg and dressing.

Source: Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins by William Morris
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