What’s the safest form of transportation?

Well let’s see, they say that great music can transport you, figuratively speaking. And even then, the roof of the concert hall might collapse, someone could yell “fire” and you’ll be trampled, or you’ll die of boredom.

Getting from here to there isn’t much safer. There are daily derailments, near-collisions at 20,000 feet and SUV’s turning other vehicles into road kill. And you really think you’re safe on two wheels in the bicycle lane?

Actually, there’s a little trickery afoot (walking is dangerous, too). We didn’t say which way we were traveling. How about up and down? The answer is: elevators --only one death for every 100 million miles traveled. I suspect that the unlucky traveler at the 100 million mark tired of gazing at his shoes or staring straight ahead, and while tilting his head back to look up at the ceiling, broke his neck.

Source: Just Curious About Science, Jeeves (Ask Jeeves) By Jack Mingo and Erin Barrett
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