Why does the evil have horns?

Why does the devil have horns? You think, maybe, he should just wear earmuffs instead? Actually, a more interesting problem might be what kind of a hat can you wear if you have horns? The devil has to accessorize, too, after all. But we’re stuck with the current query.

To get to the point, Christian iconography of the Middle Ages, which is our source for pictorial characterizations of Satan, was influenced by Roman and Greek mythology. When artists had to depict the devil, they took as their model the satyrs (Mick Jagger wasn’t available), attendants of Bacchus, the Greek god of wine.

The satyrs were soused and besotted, horned and hooved hellions of sloth, who could find nothing better to do than chase nymphs all day. They were just no damned good and thus perfect models for the ultimate horny fellow.

Source: Ever Wonder Why? By Douglas B. Smith
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