Fun Trivia Questions for Parties

The best activity at any party is the trivia game. Trivia questions are a way for partygoers to prove how smart they are. Often, a trivia game can turn an absolute geek into the life of the party!

Top Ten Trivia Game Questions

Playing trivia games like Trivial Pursuit or some other board game can be fun, but often the questions give "genius edition" a whole new meaning. Too many of the questions are so difficult that they truly can only be answered by a genius. The following are the top ten trivia question that you can use for a quick trivia game at your next party.

Trivia Question #1

Q: What animal is capable of drinking 30 gallons (100L) of water in ten minutes?
A: A Camel

Trivia Question #2

Q: The Cashew tree, from the same family as poison ivy, offers cashew nuts with a shell that has a poison which irritates the skin. What process removes the poison from the nuts?
A: Roasting

Trivia Question #3

Q: True or false - Electric eels can emit as much as 650 volts of electricity.
A: True

Trivia Question #4

Q: The Bear Flag Revolt, where U.S. emigrants in California, a Mexican territory at the time, raised the 'bear flag' in June, 1846 to establish a new "Republic of California," during which war?
A: The Mexican War

Trivia Question #5

Q: "Dry Ice" is not ice, but actually a compressed form of what gas?
A: Carbon Dioxide

Trivia Question #6

Q: Because the coloring of its fur looked like the plums or raisins in a pudding, this type of dog was originally called the "Plum Pudding Dog."
A: The Dalmatian

Trivia Question #7

Q: What is the only animal in the world that can't jump?
A: The Elephant

Trivia Question #8

Q: Spanish conquerors in Mexico, upon discovering the green stones carved by Native Americans, came to believe that these stones cured kidney problems. What is the common name of this stone, today?
A: Jade

Trivia Question #9

Q: What was the brand of the first home air freshener that was tested at the Lion House of the Bronx Zoo?
A: The Airwick

Trivia Question #10

Q: What was the name of the first woman to run for president of the United States?
A: Victoria Woodhull

Having a Trivia Party

While it might sound like something a bunch of nerds would do - sitting around asking eacho ther trivia questions, consider modifying the game a little bit just to mix things up. Introduce the rule that whenever someone answers a question wrong, they need to take a shot of Tequila. Before long, you'll quickly know who the most intelligent people are at the party, because they'll be the only ones who are able to remain sober!

There are many variations on Trivia parties that you can create in order to make such a party fun. If you aren't into alcohol, consider putting together some decent prizes, like gift certificates or shopping cards. Prizes can up the ante, and when people realize that they could win something fairly significant for answer trivia questions currectly, you'll notice the energy level of the party skyrocket.

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