10 Nasty and Weird Bathroom Facts

You have to read this before you ask for ice at the next fast food restaurant. Tidbits of information that will make you make you think twice about your next bathroom trip.

1."Pick the toilet seat up," if your a male I am guessing you have heard this at least once in your lifetime. This statement usually relates to the fact you may have left a dribble or two on the seat. Yes it is very disgusting and you should pick up the toilet seat out of common courtesy but urine is actually a sterile liquid. Urine is made up of 95% water, with trace amounts of salts, ammonia, Urea, Uric acid, and a few others.

2. Thank you Automatic flush. The toilet handle in a public restroom can have up to 40,000 germs per square inch. It is safe to say you should wash your hands with anti bacteria hand sanitizer after going to the bathroom. This can kill up to 95% of those germs. Also use a paper towel versus a hand dryer. A hand dryer can actually increase the amount of bacteria.

3. Keep the lid closed. A toilet flush causes fecal matter to become airborne. It is suggested that one should keep their toothbrush as far away from the toilet as possible.

4. Doped up fish. 90% of pharmaceuticals taken by people are excreted through urination. Therefore our sewer systems contain heavy doses of drugs, which can get into our water supply. A recent study by the EPA has found fish containing trace amounts of estrogen, cholesterol-lowering drugs, pain relievers, antibiotics, caffeine and even anti-depressants. Scientists say this can have a strong impact on fish reproduction and growth.

5. Water guzzler. A toilet uses more water than any other appliance in the home. The average person flushes almost 20 gallons of drinking water per day. In the US alone we flush over 6 billion gallons of water per day. A water efficient toilet such as a dual flush toilet can significantly cut down on the amount of water per flush.

6. Occupied. In Kansas a lady had been stuck on the toilet for two years. Apparently her skin had formed around the seat. This is truly an amazing statistic considering the fact that a normal person spends 3 years of their life on the porcelain pony.

7. Super Bowl halftime show. A certain costume malfunction always comes to mind when someone mentions the Super Bowl halftime show. Most Americans may have missed this little bit due to the fact they were in the bathroom. The toilet is flushed more times during the super bowl halftime than at any time during the year.

8. I'll have That to go. In 2006 a seventh grader for a science fair project hypothesized that there was more bacteria in the ice at fast food restaurants than there was in the toilet water. Unfortunately her hypothesis was proven correct. She found that 70% of time the toilet water contained less bacteria than the ice.

9. Don't shake with your left hand. In India the left hand is commonly known as the hand used to perform bathroom activities. It is considered a disgrace to make contact with someone with your left hand. All of you south paws should keep this in mind next time you try to shake some one's hand in India.

10. The water feels warm. A recent survey found that 1 out of 5 people have urinated in the pool. Urination in the pool can cause recreational water illnesses which can lead to respiratory, skin, and ear problems.
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