Golf Trivia Quiz: Who is Tiger Woods?

I was scanning the headlines this morning and had planned on posting up a new trivia quiz today, but I hadn't decided on a topic. Well, after a few minutes I had my inspiration! Golf! Tiger Woods is all over the headlines, so I am making this quiz about golf trivia.

Maybe my next trivia Quiz will be specific to Tiger Woods, we will have to wait and see.

Fee free to use this trivia quiz for anything you want. Copy and paste it into your word processor and remove the answers for an ice-breaking event at parties or whatever.

Without further delay here is a Golf Trivia Quiz dedicated to Tiger Woods.

1. Where was golf's 1977 US Open held? A: Tulsa, Okalahoma

2. In the 1978 Masters, who was leading Gary Player by seven strokes, only to lose by a single stroke? A: Hubert Green.

3. Where did golfer Mark Calcavecchia win his only: British Open? A: Troon.

4. Who won the 1977 US Golf Open despite receiving a death threat beforehand? A: Hubert Green.

5. Brian Barnes played golf for Scotland in the 70s but where was he born? A: London.

6. In which 90s year did none of the four golf majors go to an American? A: 1993.

7. What is the middle name of golfer Mark James? A: Hugh.

8. Who was the first US-born winner of golf's British Open? A: Walter Hagen.

9. Golfer Bobby Jones was born in which state? A: Georgia.

10. At which venue did Tony Jacklin win the US Open? A: Hazeltine, Minnesota.

11. At which venue did Greg Norman first win the British Open? A: Turnberry.

12. Who was the first lady golfer to land the British and US Open in the same year? A: Patty Sheehan.

13. What is the lowest total for the British Open in the 20th century? A: 267.

14. Which golfer said, "Grey hair is great. Ask anyone who's bald?" A: Lee Trevino.

15. Where was the 1985 US PGA Championship held? A: Cherry Hills, Colorado.

16. Who missed a putt in the final singles game of the 1991 Ryder Cup to give the US victory? A: Bernhard Langer.

17. Who beat Jack Nicklaus and Raymond Floyd's tournament record at the 1997 Masters? A: Tiger Woods.

18. Who won golf's US Open in 1994 and 1997? A: Ernie Els.

19. Golf star Vijay Singh comes from where? A: Fiji,

20. Which 70s US President said, "I know I'm getting better at golf because I'm hitting fewer spectators?" A: Gerald Ford.

21. Which golfer became only the fifth in history to win both the British and US Open championships in the same year, in 1982? A: Tom Watson.

22. In which decade did golfer Gary Player last win the British Open? A: 70s.

23. Birkdale golf course is in which British resort? A: Southport.

24: In which decade of the 20th century was Jack Nicholson born? A: 30s.

25: Which golfer announced he was leaving his wife and three children for Brenna Cepalak in 1996?> A: Nick Faldo.

26. In golf, who presents the green jacket to the US Masters winner? A: Previous year's winner.

27. What was Jack Nicklaus's first major success after turning professional? A: US Open.

28. Who was the first US golfer to win the US amateur title in three consecutive years? A: Tiger Woods.

29. Golfer Mark O' Meara first won the British Open at which course? A: Royal Birkdale.

30. Which golfer founded the US Masters tournament? A: Bobby Jones.

31. What color golf balls are used on the golf course in Antarctica? A: Orange.

32. Which legendary American golfer played his last British Open in 1995? A: Arnold Palmer.

33. What is US golf's governing body? A: USGA.

34. In which country is the world's most northerly golf course? A: Iceland.
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