Topaz Facts And Trivia

Learning a bit about topaz can help you be a savvy buyer as well as know how to care for it better. Even trivia facts can come in handy such as knowing that yellow topaz is used for the November birthstone and blue topaz is used for the December birthstone. If you are giving topaz jewelry as a gift, you may wish to use this trivia to make your gift more personalized.

Colors of Topaz

The most popular topaz stone's are usually found in a brown or yellow color. Topaz comes in a variety of other colors such as pink, blue, turquoise, peach, gold and clear. Topaz is known as the "Stone of Strength" due to both its beauty and durability. Interestingly enough, in the Sanskrit language the word topaz translates to the word "fire". During the times of the Middle Ages people believed that the topaz stone had the ability to prevent death by making the mind stronger. Physicians during this time actually prescribed the topaz stone to cure weakened vision as well as preventing or curing mental diseases.

How Topaz is Formed

This beautiful stone can usually be mined in streams, gravel deposits and various rivers. An important ingredient in locating and mining topaz is the presence of fluorine. Fluorine provides the correct environment that topaz need to grow. If fluorine is present in the correct environment and growing conditions, topaz will develop and begin crystallization. Following the crystallization, it will then begin to produce columns with square and diamond shapes and multi surfaced heads. Topaz is also able to grow in crack and cavities where fluorine and silica is abundant. Hot temperatures are also essential to correctly form these topaz gemstones. To obtain the beautiful and intense colors that topaz are known for, there must also be the presence of Chromium Oxide as well.

Where Topaz is Mined

Though the United States is a leader in the production of topaz, it is not the largest producer. Brazil is by far the largest single producer of topaz. Topaz is also extremely prevalent in places like Russia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan in addition to Brazil and the United States. Topaz was first discovered in Poland, where it was mined in the Erz mountains there. Natural topaz is usually quite large when first mined. The largest topaz gem is actually stated to be 585,000 carats. This gem is actually now in a historical museum.


Known as the "Stone of Strength," topaz is an extremely hard stone. It is listed as an 8 on the Mohr's hardness scale, but with a single blow it can be possible to actually split the stone in two. Like other gemstones, topaz needs protection from hard knocks. Taking it off before sports or other high impact activities is recommended.

Topaz Jewelry Buying Tips

So, what are some things an average consumer should be aware of when purchasing an topaz? Incorporating these tips and guidelines during purchase, you can indeed feel secure that you are purchasing a true topaz stone.

* Deal with a jeweler who specializes in topaz stones. If you decide to not go to a jeweler that is specializing in topaz, be certain to go to a jeweler that is reliable and respected.

* If see topaz jewelry that you are interested in purchasing, ask questions. Make sure these particular topaz gemstones have not been treated with dye, heat or irradiation.

* Inspect the topaz closely before you purchase it. You are looking for anything irregular or any imperfections or cracks.

* Verify that your topaz has no cracks, is not cloudy and that the light reflect off it evenly.

* Take different pieces or topaz jewelry and compare them to each other. Since no two are alike, pick the one that has the best color, luster and cut.

* Sometimes sellers are not as honest as we would like. Make sure you are getting topaz and not citrine. Be certain yours is the real deal.

Storage Tips

Do not place your topaz near diamonds, sapphires or rubies to avoid it getting scratched. Also, do not place two topaz stones together. Gemstones will scratch each other. The softer gemstone will be scratched by the harder one. In addition, avoid exposing topaz to sunlight or heat for extended times as it may lose its color.

Topaz is a beauty stone with an interesting origin and history. You can now find topaz easily in bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants. It can also be relatively inexpensive depending on the quality of the stone. Topaz jewelry is an wonderful gift for someone special. Instead of the more common diamonds, rubies and sapphires, try the topaz. You will definitely make a long lasting impression on that special someone, or garner many compliments if purchasing the stone for yourself instead.

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