Facts about Accidents in the Construction Industry

Throughout my ten years as a construction site supervisor, I've seen many construction site hazards and risks commonly seen in the construction industry. In fact, those who work in the construction industry are more likely to get injured on their job than workers in any other American industry.

Construction workers can be involved in accidents like: Asbestos Poison, Carbon Monoxide Poison, Chemical Mishaps, Falls, Defective Equipment Injury, Machinery Mishaps, Electrocution, Lead Poison, Lift Accidents, Repetitive Motion Injuries, Scaffolding Injuries, Trench Injuries and Welding Accident Injuries.

The following are facts related to construction accidents:

* Approximately 6% of the labor force in American works within the construction industry. This 6% translates to about 7 million individuals working in the industry. About 1.5 million of that 7 million work as self-employed individuals.

* It is estimated around 6,000 deaths occur each and every year in America due to construction related mishaps and injuries. Electrocution is the most common reason construction deaths occur.

* Formal safety programs are quite rare within the construction industry, with 1.5 million workers being self-employed.

* You will find about 600,000 construction companies in the USA and 90% of them employ less than 20 workers.

* Workers compensation costs are made up about 15% from construction accidental injuries.

* As a result of the constantly changing construction environment, it can be difficult to get safety procedures into place on a regular basis.

Staying Safe On the Construction Site

Construction accidents almost always include falls, someone being hit, someone getting caught in something or electrocution.

When trying to avoid falls associated with construction work, be sure to always wear protective personal fall arrest. In addition, it's a great idea to be certain all workers can use ladders or scaffolds properly. Labeling floor openings and then the opening covers can help too.

By always being focused and never being distracted on a construction site, you can help avoid struck-by mishaps. In addition, you are able to wear clothing that makes you easily able to be seen plus stay away from placing your body between a moving plus a fixed object.

Construction accidents where you are caught in something are very common and can be avoided. Never enter into a trench without it having a secure protective system already in place. Trenches over 5 feet must have a shield system but those smaller could also need this type of system. A sloping system, shoring system or benching system can help you avoid accidents.

In the realm of construction injuries as well as deaths, electrocution plays a common role. Construction site managers who want to keep their workers safe from electrocution should enforce the following tips. First, all workers must know where all utilizes are located far before work has started. Those workers who are trained to use equipment must be told to look out for overhead electric lines. Any workers who use portable electric tools must be made to use grounded equipment.

Construction managers can operate a much more efficient construction site when they educate themselves on construction safety and how to avoid injuries.
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