Trivia on Ferrari

Ferrari is the most famous sports car manufacturer of Italy. It is one of the most popular names in the post 1945 automobile history. Ferrari was established by Enzo Ferrari in 1928. With an attractive and iconic "Prancing Horse" logo, Ferrari has a huge fan-following across the globe. Throughout its history, the company has been noted for its continued participation in racing, especially in Formula One, where it has enjoyed great success. Below is a list of trivia on Ferrari and Ferrari racing cars:

1. The Tipo 815 is the first racing car built by Ferrari in 1940.

2. In the year 1947, the first official road car was built by Ferrari. It is called the 125 S and it was powered by a 1.5 litre V12 engine. This car was driven on the tracks of Piacenza (Italy) by Franco Cortese in 1947.

3. The horse icon was designed by a Turin based company Cerrato and was engraved by Incerti for Ferrari Scaglietti models.

4. The Dino 246 GT is a mid-engine rear drive car which was produced in 1968. The singularity of this car is that nowhere is the Ferrari signature mentioned or embedded on the car.

5. The Dino 246 was the car driven by Phil Hill that won the 1960 Italian Grand Prix, a last major victory for a front engine GP car.

6. The best selling car from Ferrari Stable is the 328 GTS. It topped the charts for three years from 1986-89. A total of 6,068 units were produced and sold.

7. Ferrari was involved in an unusual project called BIMOTORE which was the development of a single seater car with a motor mounted in the rear and front end of the car.

8. The 308GT4 was designed by Bertone and introduced in 1973. It was the only car body that was made entirely by fibre glass which was later re-designed using steel.

9. Ferrari entered the mid-engined 12-cylinder fray with the Berlinetta Boxer in 1973.

10. The Fiat Dino as well as the Lancia Stratos and Lancia Thema (car models form the house of an Italian car manufacturer called Lancia) were all equipped with the Ferrari engines.

11. As a mark of 50th anniversary, the car manufacturer launched the F50 which was produced in limited numbers in 1995. It was a two-door, two seater convertible with a removable hardtop.

12. The automatic transmission was introduced for the first time in the 976 Ferrari 400GT.

13. The cheapest component in a Ferrari car is a 3 c washer.

14. The Ferrari Enzo is the most expensive Ferrari with a price tag of $670,000. This car was built to commemorate Ferrari's first World Championship of the new Millennium in 2002.

15. Ferrari cars not only come in Red, the factory also offers a choice of 18 colours. is India's First Car Portal with Interactive Animations. Read reviews, articles, news, blog and latest updates on cars in India. Get best deals on cars.
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