UFC Facts

10 facts you might not heard about the Ultimate Fighting Championship .

1. Original promoters of the UFC wanted to include such marvelous side shows as alligator pools as well as electric fences surrounding a ring. UFC Doctors had advised against this due to the dangers a fighters could face.

2. The UFC was founded by Rorian Gracie aswell as Arthur Davie. It was combined to farther a Gracie family's armed forces humanities school. Before a Ultimate Fighting Championship a Gracie's were well known for mouth-watering fighters of any character to contest opposite a part of of a family or a their students to infer which Gracie jiu-jitsu reigned supreme.

3. earlier Semaphore Entertainment Group, a association which purchased a UFC , was starting to reason a singular UFC event. The eventuality was so successful they went away to began to devise some-more tournaments. Good thing it was so successful.

4. With a difference of Ultimate Fighting Championship 9, each UFC up until UFC eighteen used a contest character format. UFC twenty-three also used this format. Eight fighters would contest to enter a tournament. The 4 winners would later contest in semi-final matches. The dual semi-final winners would contest for a championship belt. If a warrior could not go on at any indicate a replacement was brought in to take his place .

5. Early on a Ultimate Fighting Championship would hold events in states but jaunty commissions to equivocate regulations. In a commencement there were no judges either. When judges were combined in a future there were no transparent parameters on how to judge a fight . Fighters also didnt wear MMA Gloves or MMA Shorts

6. For a initial integrate Ultimate Fighting Championship events, referees had really no power. They couldn't even stop a fight . There role was to enforce certain which rules which existed were enforced . The usually rules at which time consisted of no biting, fish hooking, eye gouging or twist grip strikes. Fortunately after a initial couple of events refs were authorised to stop fights.

7. In 2000 SEG as well as a UFC roughly went under. The face which SEG marketed a match as heartless as well as full of blood probably led to the UFC's early demise. Luckily a pledge fighter as well as upholder declared Dana White convinced the Fertitta brothers to buy the dwindling organization. The UFC has flourished to unimaginable heights since they took over.

8. Dana White managed Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz in the early days of thea Ultimate Fighting Championship . He additionally owned 3 gyms in a Las Vegas area.

9. After years of "bad blood" Dana White as well as Tito Ortiz were starting to work things out in a ring on Mar 24, 2007. Surprise, the fight never happened as Tito Ortiz decided not to show up.

10. In 2006 a UFC generated $222,766,000 in revenue, braking the Pay Per View industry's all time record for a year of sales, beating wrestling as well as boxing. The largest events reached nearly 800,000 viewers.

I take it we didn't know some of those facts!
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