Freakishly Funny Sweat Facts

In the world of strange trivia, there is tons of strange and interesting information you may have never stopped to think about. And of course, sweat is no exception to the little known trivia universe.

Below are 11 freakishly funny sweat facts for your enjoyment and amusement. Have fun!

Sweat Fact #1 -Men sweat about 40% more than women.
Sweat Fact #2- On a daily average, about five million gallons of sweat are produced by people having sex around the world.
Sweat Fact #3- The normal person sweats about 278 gallons of sweat every year. That is nearly enough to fill up the gas tank of three Ford Escorts. (Could this be the new "green energy"?)
Sweat Fact #4 - In some Micronesian cultures, sweat is thought of as a warrior's essence, so to consume it is considered a great honor.
Sweat Fact #5 - A cow's only sweat glands are in its nose.
Sweat Fact #6 - Your feet alone have 500,000 sweat glands.
Sweat Fact #7 - Some people's bodies lack a particular enzyme that absorbs a smelly protein in the stomach. As a result, a rotten fish order will come out in their sweat.
Sweat Fact #8 - The actor Tom Cruise admitted to not bathing for weeks while filming The Outsiders in order to get into character. ( This really changed my perspective of him big time to say the least)
Sweat Fact #9 - A survey in the publication Le Figaro reported that French people tend to shower less than other people do. (Anyone up for hot sweaty
Sweat Fact #10 -A hippo's sweat is red.
Sweat Fact #11- The saying "sweating like a pig" is complete bull. The reason is because pigs do not have sweat glands.

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Take care and have a good day!
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