Some Facts About Internet

The Internet is a dominant liberalizing gizmo that has comprehensively altered the way our present world works. One of the major facts about Internet is that the borders between nations around the globe have been rendered useless as the transfer of data and information has become easier. In many developed and even in developing nations, Internet access runs as deep as 80% which means that people in those countries are more dependent or more passionate about Internet. This number has also seen an increase in Third world countries as well. The future is not that far when each and every single individual will around the globe will be connected to the World Wide Web. Let us discuss some interesting and fascinating facts about Internet.

Interesting Facts The most amazing aspect of Internet is about its birth, its evolution and its history. • In 1960 the US Defense created the Internet. • The term World Wide Web was coined by Tim Berners-Lee in the year 1990. • The first computer hard drive was capable of storing only 5 MB data. • A recent survey conducted by Google reveals that the average view time for a single webpage is about 41 seconds. • Most interesting – among all the pictures of women on the internet, 80% of them are nude.

Fascinating Facts One of the most astounding facts about internet is its rapid growth, thanks to the power it provides for its users. • Radio took 38 years to have a million users, where as Television reached the same figure in 13 years. But the Internet achieved this staggering number in only 5 years time. • Cyber crime has become more prevalent nowadays and each crime is committed in every 10 seconds. • About 3 Million TB of data is created and stored each year and the number is rising. • Only 30% of Internet users are women.

Facts for Children A child nowadays seems to know more about computers than their parents. However, there are certain remarkable facts that they need to know about computers and Internet. • Douglas Engelbart created the first mouse in the year 1968. • The first web browser was named Mosaic. • We can access more than a billion websites today through Internet. • While using the Internet we blink 10 times a minute where we normally blink 20 times in the same time.

Indeed Internet has become a powerful tool as ascertained by these interesting facts. There is much more left for the Internet to contribute to us.
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