Amazing Nature Facts: Biology and Environment

There is nothing trivial about amazing nature trivia. The wonders of the natural world are awe-inspiring and there are countless examples of stunning facts that truly boggle the mind. Following are quick pieces of information that illustrate the magnificence of nature.


Even people who are not thrilled about revisiting high school biology class find facts about nature very interesting. Living things are complex but there are many simple facts that are easy to remember.

For example, a bean appears to be a very simple thing. However, a bean’s cell contains more DNA than a human cell does. This easily remembered tidbit of information illustrates how amazing nature really is.

Cells are fascinating things. Many tend to think that these units are extremely small, even microscopic. The common, everyday chicken egg is just one cell.

Amazing nature facts in the realm of biology pack a lot of surprise in small forms. A spider lives on blood. However, this creature’s own blood is completely transparent.

Biology offers a plethora of fascinating facts that make learning about our natural surroundings fun. The environment has much to offer as well.


Amazing nature trivia in the realm of the environment is not only fascinating. It is also important in the human effort to emphasize with natural surroundings. Water is among the most important subjects.

Numbers vary when it comes to the estimation of the amount of water in the earth. Anyone who has looked at a map or a globe can tell in a glance that the surface is comprised mostly of water.

Water also exists below the surface. It is tied up in icy glaciers and it is constantly in motion in a never-ending cycle of evaporation, condensation and release. The amazing nature fact about this liquid is that only two percent of the water on earth is fresh.

When we think about our environment, we tend to think about the earth. However, the sky is filled with intriguing forms. Taking time to learn about the heavens is a great way to appreciate nature’s wonders.

The moon is the most easily recognized bodies in the night sky. This heavenly body has no atmosphere. If a person stands on the moon and gazes into the sky, it would appear black and empty.

The earth has atmosphere. It is important to remember that people inhabit a lush, beautiful planet that offers so much, including sights in the sky. Hopefully, the more people learn about the amazing nature of the plant and its atmosphere the better able they will be to take care of it.
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