Hiphop Music Rumours & Trivia

As every good thing is either inspired or stolen, Hiphop is also not an original music style but goes with the former one. Rap music inspired this form of music and also resulted into birth of many sub-genres, now emerging into successful industries. It is also said that Reggae was the root for hip-hop rather then the reverse.

There are many stories about this style being given the name hip hop. It is said that the term "hiphop" was first coined in 1974 by MC Lovebug Starski and it was also used by by Black Spades from the legendary Afrika Bambaata gang. Other story says that this slang was first used in The SugarHill Gang's song "Rapper's delight" and some argue Space Cowboy coined the term. The list is further joined by William Stern Sara and Keith "Cowboy" Wiggins, an original member of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.

Even the invention of "scratching" technique has an interesting story behind it. Grandmaster Theodore, circa 1977, was in his bedroom playing records when his mother scolded him for the volume, and in order to pause the record, he mistakenly moved it back and forth which made a scratching noise. He then developed the technique and played it in parties which became very famous.

Even the hip-hop dance which developed with hip hop music and graffiti, is said to be influenced by Angola's African dance Capoeira and New York dance styles of Salsa or bombi plena by latin communities.

This music style is also a lingo alongwith being a culture which reflects the empowerment of the black community. It also has many interesting facts and trivias which may be spread as rumours.

It is said that rap moghul Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes studied in the same school and once fought in the hallway; even Rass Kass and Snoop fought in school; and Prodigy and Havoc also attended the same High school. To add to the story, Snoop Dogg has gone to school with Cameron Diaz.

There are also some rumours about the artists not belonging to the place they claim as their native. It is said that Eminem is not from Detroit but from Warren Michigan and that DOC and DJ Premier are not from NY but from Dallas, Texas. It is also gossiped that UGK is not from Houston but from Port Arthur Texas and MF Doom is originally from London, England.

The list of rumours, gossips and trivias in Hip hop is never-ending. The globalization of hiphop into different cultures of the world has made it reach every nook and corner of the world. Indeed, Hip-hop has globalized in true sense.
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