Interesting Trivia about Xmas Lights Decorations

Seeing the lights play with the surroundings every Christmas season is always a fun activity. It's so nice to see the all the colorful display of lights that makes every night of the holiday season brighter and more exciting. Xmas lights installation services should be in very good condition since during the season, owners of houses, shops and buildings are all making every effort to make their establishments a very fun source of wonderful illumination during the holiday season. The following are some interesting trivia on Xmas lights display and installation designs:

• Before the high tech lights design people see on the streets, on houses and on buildings, the source of lights display every Christmas started with a simple candle. People from ages ago used candle to illuminate the trees with the aid of candleholders and glass balls.

• It was in 1890s when the first set of Xmas lights is used as a decoration around the Xmas tree or in the house is done by one of Thomas Edison's associates, Edward Johnson.

• Edward Johnson is now known popularly as the Father of Electric Christmas Tree Lights.

• The wide use of lights in homes and shops started only in 1930 because it was created by Johnson in 1890 were very expensive.

• In United Kingdom, Xmas lights are more popularly known as fairy lights.

• Dominic Luberto, owner of the brightly illuminated house in Boston starts his over 10,000 dollars worth of installation as early as October.

• The 2000 movie 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' made use of over 52,000 Xmas lights during the film.

• Aside from the amazing view of wonderful illumination, several lights display all over the world is also accompanied by music. Several lights installation for houses now include music accompaniment.

• There are several designs houses and other establishments utilize for decoration such as icicle, net, rope lights, etc.

• The Osborne family covers the Streets of America of Disney with dancing lights, glittering and surprising people with the dimming of lights then lighting up again in an abrupt and surprising way. The lights display is accompanied by music.

• The Silver Dollar City in Missouri dazzles visitors and tourists with over 4 million Xmas lights display every holiday season.

• During the night, a very nice scene of the group of multi-million houses covered in over the top Xmas lights decorations can be experienced up high through the Huntington Harbor Cruise of Lights.

• Located in Tennessee, the Shadrack's Water Sports hosts one of the world's most amazing lights shows. Bright and colorful lights move in very fun and extremely breathtaking ways transforming the whole place to a dreamy Xmas wonderland. The lights dance with several tunes of Christmas.

• In Georgia, both kids and adults can enjoy a 7 mile ride through amazing lights display of Xmas characters. The event is called the "World's Largest Light Extravaganza."

• Every Christmas, millions of houses try to decorate the house with so many Xmas lights to fully express the bright spirit of the holiday season.
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