Fun Trivia on Logos

Famous logos change little by little. One of the characteristics good logo designs must have is that they must be timeless; they must have permanence, you could say. However, this does not mean that good logos do not actually change. In fact, they do, but logos change so subtly and so slowly over the years that most people do not really notice the clever transitions and manipulations a company does with its logo. Some examples of companies which have their fair share of logo tweaks through the years are BMW, Pepsi, Ford, Mitsubishi, McDonalds, and a whole lot more companies and businesses. Try searching for the development of these different logos through the years, and you would actually be surprised at how different the latest version seems from the original--yet you did not notice it much, did you?

The best logos have hidden meanings. The best logos are not those with the prettiest designs or the most amazing color combinations, but rather, the most impressive logos are the ones which required a lot of thought and planning to make. I am talking, of course, about the small things that will not usually be noticed by customers, but when they do, they would blow their minds. If you want examples, you only have to look at the logos of some of the world's most successful companies: Fedex(an arrow pointing to the right hidden within the word), (arrow referencing a-z which shows that they have everything), Vaio (the design being a subtle reference to AC and DC signals), and many others. Try scrutinizing every logo you come to, and you would be surprised at all the clever inside jokes that you normally would not be aware of.

Sometimes it is not the logo that matters, but the company name behind it. In order to understand what this sentence means, you only have to hear one word: Google. Think about it. The most generic design of the Google logo is the red, blue, green, and yellow word printed on a special font. Of course, this is the most famous, but the Google name has grown beyond this simple design and has been represented in hundreds, maybe thousands of designs that look far from the original. The point: a good logo design is helpful, but make your company famous enough and its name would suffice, no matter the design.

Hopefully you have learned some important things about logos and would have a new perspective the next time you go to your Dallas printing company or DFW printing company. If not, at least you have taken a step to better understanding logos and the wonderful world they live in.
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