March Madness Betting Trivia and Facts

Sports fans across America prepare for the March Madness betting season and try hard enough to keep their sanity as the season approaches. The time of march madness betting is near so keep acting normal still. There are so many sports fans who go crazy over this season and for those who doesn't understand why you shouldn't go bonkers then we have come up with an article that will clear up your boggled mind.

Trivia 1
This season refers to the event which is particularly the NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association Men's division I basketball competition.

Trivia 2
This is one month of the year where sports fans and gamblers alike are as busy as a bee.

Trivia 3
Experts have rationalized that this month and the event itself showcase the true American spirit, especially the spirit of basketball in the nation

Trivia 4
Students too, a huge number of them, bet during this season and they get to mingle with other sports betting fans so it truly is a very busy month.

Trivia 5
This is one of the most popular even in the office pool and you can bet that there will be a March madness betting phenomenon in your office right now.

Trivia 6
The reason why this game is very popular is because of its format. It is a three-week frenzy of games with the fourth week reaching fever pitch.

Trivia 7
This game has started back in t1939 and it has evolved a long way to now.

Trivia 8
This event has become popular when it comes in uplifting the underdog team, especially during games in their home field. It is also known for building dynasties.

Trivia 9
This event is being broadcasted in several networks such as CBS and Turner Station (TBS, TNT, and truTV).

Trivia 10
The NCAA March madness bracket is comprised of four different divisions. These four are headlined by champions of each division.

Trivia 11
There is an established NCAA selection committee and this committee decides the seeding process of the tournament. The factors which are considered are team ranking and the record of wins and losses.

Trivia 12
There are a grand total of 68 teams which start the contest and follows the expansion of the tournament for this year.

Trivia 13
Sports books online are getting busy too with the number of bettors joining and betting on games here.

Goodluck on your March madness betting career and if you haven't tried online betting then the best place to start would be where there are great bonuses and rewards, aside from the best lines.
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