Baseball Rules - Interesting Trivia

The game came into existence hundred and seventy years ago and since then has undergone several changes. There have been loads of progressions in the rulebook of the amusement over these years. A few rules have stood the test of time and occupy an important place in the rulebook while most others have been lost in the history book.

Amazing facts and trivia about baseball rules

If you break your wrist while batting€¦don't worry according to the rulebook, the umpire has the right to decide whether the action will be considered as a strike. There is no rule as such! The same applies to a situation when someone breaks the bat plate.

No special rule when the ball hits the €plate'. According to the rulebook and accepted convention there is nothing special about such a hit.
Interfering and in the batsman box? You are not safe!

The commonly believed myth that if a batsman interferes or creteas trouble in the batsman enclosure, he cannot be asked to leave the field; in fact if the umpire thinks it justified, he can call the batter out and ask him to leave the field!

Other Interesting Facts about the constantly changing Baseball rulebook


Bat size was changed in 1863. Pitchers were not permitted to lift their feet while pitching. Both the feet required to be on the ground. The pitcher was not permitted to take step. Bases were not permitted of foul balls. Base runners were now required to touch every base and complete the circuit. Henry Chadwick's scoring system and batting averages were included. Pitcher box became 6 feet square and a pitcher was permitted to move in the given space. In 1867 players were given the right to call high and low pitch balls.


From 1879 a staff of umpires started officiating in matches. Assuming that a batted ball hit the base runner, the base runner was announced out.


Restrictions on pitcher removed. Reserve players were permitted. Coaches were recognized by baseball associations officially. Batters were permitted to utilize bat with one part of it flat. Calling of high and low pitch balls by players was nullified in 1887.


Pitching length expanded to 60 feet 6 inches from 50 feet. Pitching box replaced with rubber base of 12 by 4 inches.


No fielder was permitted to remain in the line of the player's vision to stay away from any sort of diversion for the batsman (1931). Changes made in the principles concerning hitters reaching balls.


No gear is permitted in the field if a player is not utilizing it. Least limit set at 325-400-325 feet for all new grounds. No players were permitted to even wear gloves while fielding. This aided in reducing distracting components from the field for the batsman.


Players wear defensive caps. Regulation of glove size and color was carried out in 1973. Save principle altered. Balls utilized within a baseball match were secured with horse skin. With the deficiency in the supply of this type of skin balls started coming in cowhide type.

Post 2000

There was no noteworthy addition into the rulebook after 1980. As the time advanced not many progressions were made. Expanded replay system to be actualized from the 2014 or 2015 season. The voting on the issue will be carried out on Thursday.

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