Where Does Richard Gere Live? And Other Trivia

So, where does Richard Gere live right now? He lives somewhere in Pound Ridge estate, located in New York, along with his wife and fellow actress Carey Lowell and also their son Homer James Jigme Gere, whom was born on February 6th in the year 2000. Richard Gere was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the year 1949, 31th of August.

Now that you know or have an idea on where does richard gere live, here are some trivia about Richard Gere that might interest you and help you in dealing with movie quizzes and related matters. Richard Gere is a well known name for any movie buff around, and even familiar for those who aren't. His full name is Richard Tiffany Gere, the Tiffany part is quite girly sounding if you ask me. Also, at one point in time he happens to be the highest paid actor in the good old glory days of Hollywood where most movies arenft tampered or recycled crap.

His first professional acting job happens to be in the well known Tom Stoppard play, which is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, where he performed in Cape Cod at Provincetown Playhouse. Most people remember Gere for these notable roles through in the movies, but aside from those he actually took part in certain important theatrical works during the course of the career of his. He worked along the original London production of Grease, and also the Broadway production Bent, though the later would occur the same year when his career in films really started. Despite that he was already working in films in the 1970?fs, it was not until in the 80?fs that he propelled to the level of stardom with the movie American Gigolo, immediately followed by the Officer and a Gentleman in the year 1982.

As any Richard Gere quiz would be incomplete without even mentioning his two well known flims that came just after an officer and a gentleman such as Pretty Woman, one of the most memorable and perhaps one of the most successful love comedy movie that has been made, which has defined this genre ever since it was showed. The other film is Chicago; it was based on a musical of the same name where Richard Gere had won a Golden Globe award because of this acting performance.

Aside from being an actor, Richard Gere also had become a prominent figure in the sense that he is also really active for AIDS awareness, and epidemic that is known worldwide, He plays a role in administering of, if not active support for several anti-AIDS and AIDS awareness organizations such as Survival International, Healing the Divide, and also the AIDS care home.

Now you know about miscellaneous information and trivia such as where does Richard Gere live that could help you beat those movie trivia quizzes.

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