Sourcing 49er Tickets and Trivia

The San Francisco 49ers are one of the more well-known professional American football teams. Hailing from San Francisco, the 49ers are actually more known as the 9ers, and according to die-hard football fans, are the greatest NFL team in history. 49er tickets have always been known to be good sellers, especially during the team's championship and super bowl years. Part of the 49ers as well as the 49er tickets popularity is die to the great players that have belonged to the team. Some big names that have donned the 49ers uniform include Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, both members of the NFL Hall of Fame. Of course, OJ Simpson is also a household name. He was the team's famous running back in the 1990s, who was later on accused of murdering his wife. With names and stories such as this, no wonder 49ers tickets sold like hotcakes. If you're a 49ers fan, there are so many more 49ers stories, factoids and trivia to know about. It may just psyche you up enough to buy some 49ers tickets for their next game!

1. The San Francisco 49ers were first a part of the All-American football conference, the NFL's rival league. The AAFC, due to some problem had to disband back in the 1949 season. Lucky for us, the 49ers history did not end there. Along with the Baltimore Colts and the Cleveland Browns, the 49ers made history as one of the 3 AAFC teams to join the NFL.

2. The second piece of trivia is about Joe Montana, the reason for the most 49er tickets sales! Joe Montana had the highest passer rating in the NFL for 5 different occasions. Respectively, it was during, 1981,1984,1985,1987 and 1989. The years 1987 and 1989 were more special than the rest though. During these 2 years, Joe Montana's passer rating dominated and led the entire NFL.

3. Joe Montana was arguably the 49ers greatest player and one of the NFL's greatest quarterbacks of all time. During his senior year of high school, he was offered 2 full ride scholarships from the North Carolina State University as well as the University of North Carolina. However, the scholarships weren't football scholarships, but they were for him to play basketball! At the beginning of his freshman year at Notre Dame, Joe Montana's role wasthe 7th string quarter back. After he led his school to the 1977 national title, he had been upped to third string. At the beginning of that championship year, Joe Montana was now listed third on the quarterback depth chart. Despite his talent, he was only picked in the 3rd round of the NFL draft.

The 49ers are anspectacular football team with a rich history. There is so much to learn about this long standing sports team that words are not enough! Get a firsthand experience with them by buying some 49er tickets and watching the famed football team play live!The you will see what I mean!

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