World of Warcraft Facts

There are numerous add-ons for World of Warcraft that help in improving the game. When it comes to selecting which add-ons to select, take a look at which portions of World of Warcraft need some improvement. After that, you can download them from various sites.

* Curse Gaming is one of the more well-known add-on sites. It contains lists of add-ons, along with their descriptions. It makes you aware of what you are downloading. The site also displays a latest list of 5 topmost downloads.

* Find out which add-ons have been authorized by Blizzard. displays a catalog of add-ons for the Auction House, guild banks, map coordinates and numerous beneficial features. Add-ons downloaded from this site are authorized, thus preventing your account from being outlawed.

* is one more site, offering a wide array of add-ons. They always offer the updated selection, including the most recent patches. They also offer a synopsis of the improvements offered by every add-on. The site also has installation instructions, setting up and how to use the add-on once it is downloaded.

There are plenty of add-ons available, which are not authorized by Blizzard's, and are regarded as cheating. The sites offering them will normally display a warning about it, so it is advisable to avoid downloading unauthorized add-ons, as it can lead to outlawing of your account. Also they can contain virus that can give hackers access to your wow account. So get every download scanned.

So start by deciding which add-ons you require before downloading them. Moreover, don't forget that these add-ons occupy memory, thus slowing down your game. Always download add-ons authorized by Blizzard, to prevent your account from being banned. Scan every download with a virus to prevent hackers from hacking into the system.

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