12 Fun Sex Facts

1. Early condoms were made of a chemically cured linen that covered the head of the penis. They were tied on with a ribbon. Condoms were first introduced in the 16th century amidst much controversy. Casanova was an early fan.

2. Clitoral stimulation can help prevent UTIs during intercourse. Sexual arousal causes both the internal and the external parts of the female genitals to become engorged with blood. This has the effect of squeezing the urethra shut, which prevents bacteria from entering the body and causing infection. Still, another reason not to ignore the "little man in the boat". And not to have sex when a woman isn't fully aroused.

3. Men have a clitoris too. Yeah, I know that sounds weird. The male clitoris is composed of tissue called the corpora cavernosa that is similar in size and identical in structure to the tissue that comprises the female clitoris. Plus, in both sexes, it becomes erect with arousal.

4. Most people engage in foreplay for 20 minutes prior to intercourse.

5. Scientists have found that there is a reason why the human penis has that mushroom shape. It seems that the over-sized, ridged glans are ideal for removing any semen left over from another man, just in case a guy happens to be getting sloppy-seconds.

6. This concern for getting rid of another man's left-overs seems to be an evolutionary obsession. And kind of makes you think our prehistoric Grandma must have gotten around a lot. The last part of ejaculate contains an ingredient that is supposed to kill any remaining sperm from a previous lover that is still present in a woman's vagina. This doesn't affect a man's own spooge, by the way - just his competitor's.

7. Maybe the reason for all this male concern is because women are more likely to cheat while ovulating and often with "genetically fitter" lovers. Basically, women trade up.

8. Not surprisingly, infidelity is the second leading cause of divorce world-wide. The first cause is infertility.

9. The vibrator was the 5th appliance to be made electric, right behind the sewing machine and the toaster.

10. An early cure for female masturbation was the application of pure carbolic acid to the clitoris. This "treatment" was favored by J.H. Kellogg (the guy who invented Corn Flakes) and can result in second and third degree burns. Ouch!!!

11. Women are more orgasmic with better looking men. These men are usually more symmetrical, which means they are healthier matches with better immune systems.

12. Going back to number 10. Obviously, J.H. Kellogg was no fan of DIY sex; so, Corn Flakes was invented to prevent masturbation in children. It was believed that a bland diet would reduce the desire to self-pleasure. And if that didn't work... well, there was always carbolic acid...


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