Amazing Toilet Facts

1. How do astronauts relieve themselves in space? Astronauts do not have a functioning bathroom like we all have grown accustomed to. Air pressure plays a major role in dictating where the toilet waste goes. Usually the waste is disposed in outside the shuttle into space.The astronauts also cleanse themselves with wet wash cloths instead of taking a warm shower.

2. While speaking of the final frontier, the priciest toilet in the universe is located in space. Each toilet of the toilets in space cost roughly 19 million dollars. The astronauts have been recently trying to fix one of the space station toilets. The toilet which located in the space center, U.S. Destiny laboratory began flooding. This has forced the astronauts to use the toilet on board the space shuttle Endeavor.

3. The most expensive toilet on Earth is a toilet made of pure gold. The 24-carat solid gold toilet is located in Hong Kong at the Hall of Gold. The owners, Hang Fung jewelers have successfully employed this toilet as a marketing device while attracting visitors from all over the world. Albeit, this toilet may not be around much longer due to the head of Hang Fung jewelers plans. By melting the golden toilet Hang Fung jewelers would be able to expand their operations into Mainland China.

4. John Mayer has been known to tweet from the toilet. While out at a nightclub, Mayer updated his twitter page from his cell phone from the restroom.

5. Movement is undoubtedly happening in Washington D.C., but it may not be the kind you're expecting. The White House is home to thirty bathrooms. The Pentagon goes through six hundred and thirty six rolls of toilet paper a day. Let's hope it's of the recycled variety.

6. Mr. George Wingfield holds the record for most beer drank (45 pints) which explains why he was unable to make it to the toilet and take a hold of another record. Officers were forced to wait for Mr. Wiingfield for 36 minutes and 24 seconds before they could arrest him for public urination.

7. A little league coach in New York decided that it was intelligent to coach his team while intoxicated. The parents of the little league players contacted the local police and the park's director. Upon the arrival of the authorities the visibly drunk coach made his way to the first base side of the field where continued to relieve himself using the grass as his own personal toilet.
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