4th of July Facts And Trivia

The 4th of July is our country's birthday. Make the day more memorable by creating special trivia and games for your family to enjoy. Games help people come together and make the day more fun. Also, trivia and other kinds of games can usually be played by people of all ages. So after you have set your July 4th menu, remembering to include grilling and beer, think about how to keep Americans busy with games, both outdoor and indoor (when everyone will need a relief from the summer heat.)

What is trivia? In general, trivia is answering questions that probe to see if you know facts, obscure and obvious. How educated are you about the United States and the Fourth of July? Do you know a lot about our country? Likely, there are trivia contests about the Fourth of July all over the country. Everyone, from adults to seniors to teens, wants to show off that they know the most. Perhaps there will even be a prize for the person who knows the most? Here are some questions to ask: When did Americans officially begin celebrating this holiday? Can you name some things in history that happened on July 4th? Who designed the American flag? Can you explain the meaning of the stars and stripes? Also, try to include other American history questions as well and then call out for players.

What about games? Baseball is known as the American past-time and there are many leagues around the country to check out if you don't live near a nationally recognized team. Grab a beer and a hot dog to watch the game and you are already participating in a very American activity. Perhaps even organize your own baseball game with family or neighbors. All you need is a big yard, bats and a ball. Of course, other field day games would be fun too, like capture the flag, keep the egg on the spoon or relay races. Being together is the most important part of celebrating our joint history.
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