Is Pizza Italian or American?

Pizza pie as we know it today is a deeply Italian food. The first pizza was made at the end of the Nineteenth Century; and is itself, a somewhat recent addition to Italy's culinary arsenal. This news may sound surprising considering how simple a culinary invention pizza is: flat bread, tomato sauce, and of course cheese. Although astounding, there lies a fascinating explanation as to why there was such a delay in this food's invention and it deals with a ubiquitous fruit! To get the full story, check out my website (maybe you'd call it a blog!) dealing with the first pizza maker: Raffaele Esposito.

Although pizza is a strictly Italian food, Pizza's ancestors have their origins deep in Greece. The original ancestors of the Romans migrated from Greece. With the Greeks came the foods that eventually became the common fare of Italians. The breads, herbs, and other foods Italians loved where therefore ripe for becoming pizza. The recipes that predate pizza are ancient; these foods fed men and women for thousands of years. Each ancient comestible recipe is in itself a piece of history.

Is Pizza Italian or American? That is a question many individuals may not know. Perhaps the lack of discernment is a direct result of the relatively young age of this omnipresent, popular dish loved by Americans. Despite America's love of Pizza, Italians have long held the impressive boast of being the source of one of the world's favorite foods.

This article really doesn't do justice to this topic like my website's comprehensive article on the man who created pizza: Rafael Esposito. The story is both interesting and is a useful piece of trivia. Relating this tid-bit of knowledge at parties or while eating out can be fun for your companions. In addition to discussing the origins of pizza, I go into some detail about how to make pizza. From dough to sauce to cheese to toppings, nearly everything is covered at my site.

So, if you are wondering if pizza is Italian or American you now know. If you really want the full story, just take a look at my article all about the creator of the first pizza: Rafael Esposito. Ciao!
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