Interesting Facts About the Earth

Although we have lived on the earth all of our lives, how much do we really know about it? The earth is so huge that there are many earth interesting facts that have been discovered about our planet already that we do not even know about. Check out these earth interesting facts and see how much you know about this little planet we all call home.

1. The Earth is 70% Water: You might have learned this one in grade school. What you might not know is that of that 70% - 97% is salt water and only 3% is fresh water.
2. Earth's moon is the Largest in our Solar System: Lots of other planets have moons, but ours is bigger.
3. Earth has two Co-orbital Satellites: I know it sounds like Greek, but it means there are two asteroids that have a similar orbit to us and appear to follow earth. Each asteroid actually has its own specific orbital path.
4. Earth is the only Planet Known to have Life: Although we have not found any little green men out there, we're still looking!
5. Earth is the only Planet in the Solar System that is Geologically Active: The earth has volcanoes and earthquakes. As far as we know, we're the only planet that does.
6. The Core of the Earth is Liquid: The middle of the earth is made up of really hot liquid rock. It comes out of volcanoes!
7. Earth's Oceans Average 2 Miles Deep: Really, just two miles?

This is just a small amount of the earth interesting facts out there. With daily advances in physics and astrology, there are new observations and tests conducted every day. Many of these lead to further interesting discoveries and chances are there is far more to be discovered about our planet and its cosmic surroundings! For a larger collection of facts on our planet, please visit InfoZooms and their list 10 Earth Interesting Facts To Amaze You.
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