Shocking Facts of DUI

Seattle DUI lawyers, like any other state DUI lawyers put in as much effort as possible to defend their DUI convicted clients. Since drinking is a very common practice in USA, hundreds of DUI cases are filed everyday throughout the country. Seattle, Washington is no exception in having such cases. However, before learning about the fines and costs of Seattle DUI or Washington DUI attorney offenses, people should first understand what DUI is and how it affects human life.

Here, is a precise list of DUI facts compiled by an eminent Seattle DUI attorney, which I believe will give readers a perfect understanding of this offense and its seriousness. DUI or Driving under Influence of alcohol and drugs is not only dangerous, but is considered to be a serious crime, which can cause the accused serious hazards for life and property. But unfortunately, most people do not realize the seriousness of the issue or how severe its consequences can be. Instead they feel that getting charged with DUI is nothing but an inconvenience or simply an embarrassment for an individual.

Agreeing to the facts listed here by the Seattle DUI attorney, every DUI attorney across the U.S. believe these facts would come as a shock to most of the citizens. Following are some of such shocking facts about DUI and the social impact of this punishable crime:

1. Accidents stimulated by DUI causes one death every half an hour and injure a person in every couple of minutes somewhere across the country.
2. In USA, DUI or Driving under Influence is actually the biggest reason behind the criminal deaths.
3. It has been estimated that more than 17,000 people become victims of individuals driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics and die every year. And shockingly, out of these 17,000 victims nearly 2000 of them are children.
4. Nearly 1.5 million individuals are arrested for DUI every year across USA.
5. Shockingly this figure is less than 1% of the actual DUI instances that occurs in a year across the country. In reality, more than 160 million DUI incidents take place each year.
6. Over 400 children die every year for riding on vehicles driven by drunk drivers.
7. Over 40% of deaths caused by motor accidents in USA are someway or the other associated with driving under influence of alcohol and or drugs.
8. Nearly 50 children pedestrians are killed every year by individuals driving under the influence.
9. It has been surveyed that over 75% of the DUI accused individuals are male.
10. More than 50% of DUI related accidents and deaths occur during the weekends, especially on Saturdays. Most accidents and fatalities take place between midnight and 4 in the morning.
11. Individuals driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs cause an estimated loss of more than $60 billion property every year.

As the Seattle DUI lawyer suggests, U.S. citizens should become more aware of the fatality that is being caused due to their negligence and unawareness. Driving under the influence is an extremely offensive act causing serious damage and even death to both the driver and the victim.
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