Air Facts In Cars

Majority of the people contemplate about the quality of air inside our houses and the environment outside it.But what about the quality of air inside our cars?According to asurvey by The Dohring Company, over 95% of the people polled were concerned about the quality of air inside the car.

Americans spend an incredible amount of time in their vehicle, an average of 1.5 hours per day. A friend of mine travels to work for 2 hours every day, five days every week. That is equal to a five-day workweek.

Sorry to say, but latest and continuing surveys show that air inside your car is twice or five times more polluted than that of your house or your place of work.After all, the car is just a smaller version and more enclosed space than your house or workplace and is more susceptible to allergies related to fungus and symptoms similar to sick building syndrome. Harmful microbes and irritants can proliferate as fungi enter the air through air flows and ventilation systems.You and the passengers in your car are breathing particles of dust, greenhouse gases and car exhaust - not to mention the formaldehydes, other various irritants in the materials in the car from pets, food and cigarette smoking. "In hot climates, volatile hydrocarbons evaporate from plastics and textiles.", Anders Lofvendahl, project manager at Volvo once said that. All of these circumstances can aggravate the condition of people with asthma and allergies and create a poisonous surrounding for you and your family. Twenty three distinct systematic examinations performed throughout the 80's and 90's showed that air contamination levels in vehicles normally reach concentrations that are perilous to human health, as stated also by The International Center for Technology Assessment in its study done in 1990. Nearby monitoring stations used to calculate government air quality information showed results of indoor air in cars have more carbon monoxide, benzene, toluene (all cancer-causing agents), fine particle matter, and nitrogen oxides than ambient air. This fact was also stated in that study.

Visualize this - polluted air enters and exits in every car and truck on the street - that air is in your car. As you are traveling, that air is what you are breathing in continuously as long as you stay inside that enclosed, impure space.

We absolutely adore our dog, Bear.He is a 135-pound Newfoundland and loves to ride in the car. The only problem is, aside from the fact that he is occupying the entire back seat of our small car, he sheds and has a lot of dander that smells.So, rather than leave him at home and pouting, the alternative was to find ways to keep the air in our car healthy and clean.A few suggestions are to plug in an air purifier (in the cigarette lighter plug in - better use for it anyway) that uses negative ions to remove contaminants from the air, air filtration systems for the car, or air freshener ionizers. Windows remains up and outside vents closed. The matter is Bear can't stick his head out!

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