Facts about Designer Brand Suppliers

First, there are some companies that are mega retailers but usually pose as wholesalers. They normally offer very high prices, thereby leaving the brand name suppliers with very little profit margins from the deals that they push through. At times, the suppliers are forced to break even just in order to retain clients.

If you are a retailer who buys from the brand name suppliers, then you should be aware that this has a direct effect of lowering your profit margins. The more parties you have in the supply chain, the higher the price. But you do not want to set your retail price for a product at $20 while the consumer can get it online at $10. Does it make business sense? No.

There are a number of considerations that you have to take as a consumer before buying from this type of arrangement.

• Whether the supplier is publicly available or not. If available, are they exclusive to only one brand or many?
• Is the supplier selling the products at a loss or a profit? If they are doing so at a loss or break-even price, then chances are that they are building a clientele base for other reasons.
• Are the products of the original brands or they are sourced illegally?
• The authenticity of the wholesale brand.
After evaluating all the above factors, you will then be able to settle for the best designer brand suppliers there are.

There are also a number of suppliers that deal with brand less products. This isn't the type of business that anyone would recommend, especially with the current wave of online branding. Products without brands are always viewed by the clients as fakes, and thus this might be a hard nut to crack for any supplier. The advantages of supplying branded products include:

• Convincing a buyer of a reputable name is easier.
• There is more faith in buyers to purchase the products
• There is a warranty in place.
• Despite the warranty, the rates of faulty returns are usually very minimal.

You could even go so far as to narrow down your merchandise to just a men's collection. Teens are also big into brand name watches; why not start an online campaign targeting the young demographic.
In this dragging economy people want to buy smart but by from the heart. They will definitly want to give a gift that keeps on giving.
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