Calories Scrambled Eggs Important Facts

Although eggs calories are not low enough for health conscious people, scrambled eggs also have good attributes like being protein-rich and low in price. The egg itself is as convenient as it can get. It is easy to prepare and cook. Its calories can still be a part of a healthy diet as long as you watch the serving size and your fat consumption.

The calories it contain
According to United States Department of Agriculture, a cup would have an equivalent of 328 calories. Fat takes up 216 of calories of scrambled, which is almost all of the calories present in an egg. Protein and carbohydrate makes the remaining part. 14 calories that it contain are from carbohydrates. Despite knowing about these facts, eating scrambled eggs is still a part of having a diet-friendly low-carbohydrate diet.

A bulky 24g of fat is in a cup serving of scrambled eggs. 10g monounsaturated, 5g polyunsaturated and 7g saturated fat is contained in an egg. People previously thought that fat from the eggs are bad for out body but the truth is 609mg of cholesterol is not that bad for the body. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, inflammation in the body can be reduced through polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat. "Harvard Heart Letter", published by Harvard's Health department, states that saturated fats, which is only 7g in each egg, is the one that can pump up cholesterol in our bloodstream.

Egg can also protect us from heart disease as they are a good source of choline. Choline is a nutrient not that known to help build neurotransmitters. 1272 IU vitamin A, 158 IU vitamin, 818mcg lutein, 145mg calcium and 416mg of this nutrient called choline is in a cup of scrambled. There are also other nutrients inside the egg like potassium, selenium, iron and many other nutrients that the egg has.

Calories scrambled eggs have - Additions
How an egg is prepared can greatly affect the calories that it contain. one-fourth cup of shredded cheddar cheese will mean a rise to calories about more than when it don't have additional toppings. You can add a bit of salsa for a southwestern flavor so that the calories scrambled eggs will be zero but still have a tasty treat. To have additional flavor you can add green onions, low-fat ham and spices and the calories scrambled eggs will still be low enough to not harm our body.

Calories scrambled eggs have - Options
The calories present are more potent in the yolk. An option so that calories will be lowered is to use a mixture of whole eggs and white eggs for your dish as each yolk you can take away from the dish would mean 50 less calories, again depending on the size of the egg. Lastly, it is not just the other additional treats that can affect calories but also the oil that we use for cooking. So next time try using a nonstick low-calorie spray or pan in preparing your scrambled eggs to avoid unnecessary and unwanted fats and calories.
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