Facts about Smoking for Kids

Smoking is known to damage some of the crucial organs in the body, which include the brain, heart and lungs. The noxious chemicals in tobacco cigarettes can cause various ailments such as cancer, stroke (obstruction is the blood flow to the brain), heart attacks, heart disease, bronchitis (air passage inflammation in the lungs) and emphysema (lung disease).
Effects of Smoking on Your Health

Here are some of the adverse effects of smoking on your health:

Facts about Smoking for Kids

• Wrinkles
• Bad breath
• Yellowing or toenails and fingernails
• Decreased blood circulation in the toes and fingers
• Diarrhea
• Heartburn
• Liver and kidney damage, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer and peptic ulcers
• Yellow stains in the teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, and mouth cancer
• Decrease in your athletic performance. Just give it a thought: you fail to jump as high or run as fast if you don't breathe properly!
• Asthma, more mucus/phlegm in yo9ur mouth and chronic coughing
• Arthritis
• Vision and hearing loss
Nicotine - The Active Stimulant

One more complication is that smoking is not considered as a one-shot aspect. It just takes a few days or weeks for novice smokers to get addicted to smoking. You must think why does it happen? This occurs as tobacco cigarettes contain an active stimulant, nicotine which causes this addiction.

This active ingredient in tobacco makes the smoker feel a little hyper and energetic. The more you tend to smoke, the more you get the urge to continue to smoke. The body gradually becomes physically dependent on the active stimulant. Gradually, your body begins to carve for it. This is why it becomes so difficult to quit smoking once a person has started to smoke.
Other Shocking and Interesting Smoking Facts

• Nearly 1500 children succumb to death every year by fires in their homes. The fires are caused by burning cigarettes. So, it is quite dangerous.
• One of the biggest causes of pollution on beautiful beaches are cigarette butts.
• If you think that all celebs and movie actors are active smokers, then you are wrong! In reality, celebs and movie actors who have made stong anti-smoking campaignsinclude: Christy Turlington, Tyra Banks, Garth Brooks, Alicia Silverstone, Jackie Chan, Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire.

I hope now you are aware of some facts about smoking for kids. It is best if you don't smoke near small children and teens in order to prevent them from taking up the habit. Quit smoking for your own good as well as for preventing your children from smoking.
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