Fun Facts about the Android OS

The Android OS (Operating System) is used on a wide variety of phones. The operating system first hit the market a few years ago but has exploded in popularity as more and more wireless developers are choosing to use it for smart phones. Currently, smart phones are "it" and they have earned the right to say so! In addition to the basic calling features, smart phone owners enjoy being able to use the internet, play music, takepictures and take advantage of other forms of entertainment. Smart phones are great for game play, video watching and word processing (among other things). Here are some very interesting facts about the Android OS.

Did you know that people who use phones that run the Android OS (operating system) are less likely to pay for applications than users of the iPhone? A recent study shows that half of the iPhone users out there won't have a problem paying for applications that can't be located for free. On the flip side of that coin, only about one out of every five Android phone buyers will pay for apps. This could change as the Android market's paid app section grows but, for now, Android users are more thrifty than iPhone users. It might seem overly competitive to brag about this, but Android users don't mind.

If you are not thrilled with the iPhone handset that is pretty much too bad. You do have a few options available to you if you decide you don't like your Blackberry headset. If you aren't happy with one of the handsets that uses the Android OS you have plenty of other options to choose from. The phones that use the Android OS are the best for people who like to have lots of options to choose from when they buy a cell phone. This is because all of the big cell phone companies are starting to put the Android OS into their phones so no matter what kind of headset you want to have, you'll be able to find a Google phone that uses it.

Recent studies show that, especially where Android OS phones are concerned, men use smart phones more than women do. The study doesn't say why this is true, but it looks like men are simply more likely to use any smart phone than women. The numbers are closer together when the iPhone is study. A tiny bit more than half of the iPhone users are male. Almost three quarters of Android OS users, however, are men. We can't figure out why this is. Maybe it is because, where new technology is concerned, men are more likely to buy something as soon as it is released? The study did not say definitively why the numbers ended up the way they did.

Choosing your next cellular phone used to be easy. Many people simply chose to take the free upgrade phone being offered by the cell phone provider. Now you are probably more likely to choose a cellular provider based on the types of phones it is selling. The good news is that it no longer matters what kind of smart phone you like--thanks to the Android OS you can have that phone no matter which cellular provider you want to use. Doesn't that make you happy?
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