Fascinating Facts about Peru

Peruvian people are proud of their history.

The most amazing fact about Peru hat the country counts 28 climates. So, the perplexing question arises what to wear while you travel to Peru. Have you ever drunk aPisco Sour? If not, undoubtedly you should visit Peru. It is the best cocktail in the country. Another fascinating drink is Peruvian coffee that has a wonderful taste.

Fun facts about Peruvian food:
· -Macho picchu is a masterpiece
· -Incans will never being married until they exchanged sandals
· -the Incans usually put peanuts in caskets in order to help in the afterlife
· -the average lifespan of a woman in Peru is 71 years old
· -Inca made pots in the shape of peanuts that were highly appraised
· -the potato is originally from Peru
· -Peru is a home for tomato
· -Peru's corn includes the biggest kernels over the world
· -the avocado is also from Peru
· -there are 468 typical Peruvian dishes, so you will never eat the same food

Another fun fact on cotton and trees:
Have you ever heard the fact that the finest cottons are found in Peru? Moreover, you may find the trees which produce tannins for dyes. In fact, a weeping willow produces the base to make aspirin. The Peruvian root Maca is used for making Viagra from and has been around for hundred of years.

· -you may find 1701 species of birds in Peru

Speaking of rocks:
· -Peru is a rich country and considered as the biggest producer in Latin America for gold, zinc and gold

Here's a truly fun fact:
· -While you are in the centre of Peru, you will find brass statue-that is devoted to a child-hood and endearing bear called "Winnie-The-Pooh".

A Spanish conquistador named Francisco Pavarro conquered Peru and in the conquest he died. His body is preserved in the main square in Lima to this day in a glass casket and the public can view it. So, Peru has a lot of amazing and fun facts facts that we must know.

Interesting facts about Peru:
· The largest ethnic group is the Amerindian in Peru
· Soccer is the most popular sport in Peru
· It is a home to the famous Lake Titicaca
· Peru has many World Heritages Sites such as Machu Picchu
· Peru is covered by jungle and rainforests
· Peru's political system is now extremely stable
· Peru is also known for its great fishing industry
· Cuzco was the capital of the Incan people.

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