Pure Honey Fun Facts

Let's talk about the top ten fun science facts that surround honey, the oldest and probably the most nutritious food source of man. Honey is that popular sweet and sticky fluid that is made by honey bees from the nectars of so many flowers.

Here are the ten facts that you must know about honey:

1. Do you know that honey doesn't spoil? Honey does not go bad like most foods. When archaeologists unearthed the tomb of King Tut under the pyramid, they found honey that's still edible! Fascinating, isn't it?
2. Honey is the best kind of sweetener. It contains large quantities of fructose and glucose. It is about 20% to 60% sweeter than table sugar.
3. It has no fats and no cholesterol. It has no sodium, too. Unlike most sweet foods, honey is not bad for your health.
4. Do you know that you can actually live off a diet that's strictly honey? It has ALL of the substances that the human body needs. It has water, too.
5. Now, here's an amazing biology fact about the makers of honey - the honey bees. These animal species have evolved sparingly - their forms have been completely unchanged for over 20 million years! They're one of the most perfectly evolved animal species on earth. They are the most hardworking, too.
6. A single honey bee can visit around 2,000 flowers in one day. It can fly at a speed of around 25 kilometers per hour. But, here's the thing: the honey bees need about 2 million flowers to create a mere half kilogram of honey! A honey bee colony produces 30 to 40 kilograms of honey every year. So, don't waste honey! Every drop of this sweet liquid gold count. Each drop of honey has exhausted worker bees to shreds.
7. Mead or honey wine is the oldest fermented beverage in the world.
8. Honey bees don't sleep. Yes, they're that hard-working.
9. There are over 20,000 species of bees, and only 4 of them make honey.
10. Honey has excellent medicinal properties with no side effects. It has a host of nutritional properties as well. You can take honey for weight loss, for coughs, for wound healing, for insomnia, for clearing your skin, for conditioning your hair, for aiding in digestion, and so much more.

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