Things to Do To Increase Your Level of Intelligence

Being intelligent is a good thing. You can excel in school, know a lot of things, learn a lot of things, and you can also brag it on your friend. However, intelligence is not something that we just get without doing anything. There are things that we need to do in order to earn it.

How to increase your intelligence?

Great intelligence can be gained in many ways. It can either be through reading, through watching, or through experience. Most of us want to become intelligent because it is a plus factor for many things. If you are intelligent, you can easily get your homework done and it can also be a stepping stone so that you can finish your schooling. If you are one of them and you donĂ¢€™t know what to do to increase your level of intelligence, well here are some pointers for you.

Read books

Practice yourself from reading books but not just any kind of book. Make sure that it is an informative type of book. By reading, you are gaining more knowledge. It can also help you practice your reading ability. It is not necessary that you read a book the whole day because most people find it boring. Just make sure that for a couple of hours a day, you have read something so that every day, you are increasing your knowledge. If you are not that used to reading, you can start reading a couple paragraphs every day until you get used to it.

Focus on subject you are not good at

Know what subjects you are not good at and focus into it. For example, if you are not that good in math, focus on learning anything about math. Read some books about it; buy some activity books so that you are practicing your math skills. This will greatly help you increase your intelligence in subjects you are not good enough.

Develop your thinking and logic skills

Play mind stimulating games. Through this, you can develop your thinking and logic skills. Play games that will make you think and make a strategy such as strategy games, puzzles, and the likes. You can also try to answer crossword puzzles and trivia questions to test your level of understanding.

Be healthy

Don't forget to eat your nutritious food because foods also serve as food for your brain. Make sure that what you eat is nutritious so that it will enhance your brain activity. Foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals are good for you. Also, you can add up brain health supplements. These supplements can provide vitamins and minerals, helps maintain energy and promotes overall brain function.

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