Top 5 Dental Trivia Questions

Here is a list of popular and interesting dental trivia questions, with just a little of advice about looking after your teeth thrown in. Some of those questions (like the first one) have been questioned and re-asked for over 100 years.

Did George Washington have wooden dentures?

That's really a myth. According to historians, Washington had major issues with his teeth and gums, but his first pair of dentures were produced from a variety of human and ivory teeth.

California lost most of his teeth by the age of 50. At once, people believed losing teeth was an inevitable part of the ageing process. To-day we all know better. With good care, your teeth can last a lifetime.

Does sugar cause cavities?

Sugar can donate to cavities, but only if it is allowed to remain on the teeth for long periods of time. The main thing would be to wash after meals and snacks. Consider that which you drink, too.

You're risking spots and cavities, if you drink coffee or sodas during the day without cleaning afterwards. Drinking sugary drinks is often as harmful to your teeth as eating candy, particularly when you never brush.

Who developed eating gum?

This really is one of the historical dental trivia questions that folks have been asking for a long time. It's believed that the defenders of the Alamo were probably one of the primary to try gum. The Mexican dictator Santa Anna is credited with introducing it. Here is still another question about gum.

Is chewing gum detrimental to your teeth?

Sugarless nicotine gum is clearly good for the teeth. It can help to scrub away debris and promotes production of saliva. Saliva contains enzymes that break up sugars and antibodies that fight tooth decay.

What sort of floss is best: waxed or un-waxed?

This really is one of the dental trivia questions that can help reduce tooth decay when answered correctly. Un-waxed floss sees more plaque.

Is wine best for your teeth?

Drinking a glass of red wine every day is said to be good for your heart, however it isn't the best option for your teeth. Tooth enamel can be eroded by the acids found in all wine varieties. The worst stains are caused by red wine. Again, the perfect solution is is to wash frequently and well.

Your dentist probably has more dental trivia questions for you. Perhaps you should make a visit and call up. Typical check-ups lower your threat of cavities.

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