Presidential Fun Facts about Ice Cream

Are you wanting to know some presidential facts about ice cream? If you're a fan of ice cream, there is nothing more interesting than discovering presidential fun facts on ice cream. This article will survey chronologically which presidents (and presidential candidates) have loved ice cream - from George Washington to Barack Obama and John McCain! Ready for some fun facts on ice cream?

The current presidential candidates have not been the only candidates who have shared a desire in America's favorite treat. Below are some presidential and some fascinating facts about ice cream.

Presidential Fun Facts about Ice Cream

* George Washington was also known to have had a love for ice cream! In fact, he loved ice cream so much that he had two ice cream makers in his home.

* Thomas Jefferson had two French ice cream machines into his home in order to make homemade ice cream. (Yes, they did have homemade ice cream back then) after he made his ice cream, he would often and vanilla to it, which was the tradition of the French. He would also have a hankering for a French pastry that had ice cream in the middle

* James Madison wanted to impress his guests so much that he had ice cream served to his guests at his inaugural ball. Madison used his very own cows in order to get the milk that was used for the ice cream.

* Franklin Roosevelt demonstrated that ice cream deserves a rank among royalty. He is reported to have served ice cream to King George. FDR loved any type of ice cream, but certainly went for chocolate.

* What about Ronald Reagan? In 1984, he was the one who called July "National Ice Cream Month" and the third Sunday of that month he called "National Ice Cream Day."

Barack Obama does not like ice cream! Yep! His daughters do, but he says he is not a "sweets guy." One of his daughters said that everyone should like ice cream. And don't we all agree!

John McCain has his own ice cream flavor! "Straight Talk Crunch" from Baskin Robbins. He loves it! It's made from caramel, white chocolate and almonds. Obama's is called "Whirl of Change." It has chunks of chocolate covered peanut brittle, peanut-nougat and a caramel ribbon.

These are some of the more popular presidential facts about ice cream. There are many many more all-American facts on ice cream. Do you want to know some?

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