Interesting Thanksgiving Trivia

Usually when Thanksgiving gets mentioned what immediately comes to mind first are those delicious desserts and other dishes and that spectacular roasted turkey.

Well, the food is a big part of your celebration but it isn't the only component of the Thanksgiving season. Thanksgiving's really a noteworthy occasion for us to happily celebrate and thank our creator together with family and friends for blessings we have so far received.

Here are some Thanksgiving trivias that you might like to share during your celebration.

1) Sarah Hale, an editor of a woman's magazine, is credited with having Thanksgiving declared as a national holiday by writing to congress for several years.

2) The very 1st Thanksgiving was celebrated during 1621 by Pilgrims. It was also said their Thanksgiving celebration was a total of 3 days.

3) Original name/term for Pilgrims was actually Puritans.

4) Turkey wishbone is considered a charm for good luck so grab it before anybody else gets it. Have fun looking!

5) Before being harvested and sold, a cranberry must bounce at least 4 times before it is considered as not too ripe.

6) The very first meal that astronauts Buzz Aldren and Neil Armstrong ate on the moon was a roasted turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

7) 102 Pilgrims were said to have been aboard the Mayflower who were coming to America (New World).

8) Mayflower is the boat name given for the very first shipping vessel that landed in America bringing Puritans.

9) Abraham Lincoln was the President who made Thanksgiving a national US holiday and before he declared it so, Thanksgiving was celebrated whenever the Governor of a state said so.

10) Thanksgiving is always celebrated on a Thursday because this was the Puritan's mid-prayer week day.

11) Pumpkin pie was not yet served during those early Thanksgiving celebrations during the 1620's because ovens were not yet invented at that time.

12) Approved table manners for Thanksgiving were: eating with your hands; spitting on the floor; throwing bones into the hearth after eating.

13) Not everyone was traveling to the New World to settle, some of these travelers were just out to get furs and lumber to send back to England.

14) Pilgrims traveling to the New World via the Mayflower actually spent 66 days at sea before reaching land again. That's how long it was before to travel.

15) In October of 1777, George Washington declared an "All Colony Thanksgiving" because he was feeling great about his victory over Sarasota.

Thanksgiving is so much more than just great food. It's the time for family and friends to meet again in a festive mood to appreciate all the blessings given and simply to enjoy the companionship of really good people who have made a difference in your life. So have a joyful Thanksgiving!

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