Bad Credit Credit Cards - Simple Facts

Bad credit credit cards are certainly not going to have the best interest or fees, but this type of credit card might be the only option available if you have had past credit problems. The interest rates on credit cards for bad credit are usually much higher than on cards designed for good credit.

These types of programs are especially designed for people that have a poor financial history and do not qualify for a regular card. If you are a young consumer just starting to build credit, or if you have had delinquencies that have damaged your credit history, you probably can still qualify for credit cards that are geared to your situation.

Bad Credit Programs

Credit card programs for bad credit are available online with secure applications, First Premier Bank and Orchard Bank are two of the most popular. These programs are often divided into "secured" cards that do need a deposit and sometimes "unsecured" credit cards are available, an unsecured bad credit credit card probably will come with much higher interest rates, sometimes 15 to 30 percent and much higher participation fees.

This type of bad credit offer gives people with a poor credit score or no history a way to acquire credit or establish a financial history. If you keep your balance under the allowed limit and make your monthly payments on time, you may become eligible for much lower interest rates and fees. This just might improve your credit score.


There are can be many temptations by having a credit card and if your using credit to hold you over in tight times, remember it's only a temporary relief as the interest on bad credit credit cards is extremely high. Shop around and to find the best deal, with an interest rate that you're sure you will be able to pay. Probably the single most important factor of picking this type of card is the interest rates charged, especially for consumers who will be rolling over their balances from month to month.


The consumer must always keep in mind that credit cards designed for bad credit are extremely easy to use, so do not go over-board or you might find yourself in a worse situation with your credit standing. Check out the interest rates and participation fees before you start filling out applications. Remember don't apply for every offer there is as this will also effect your FICO score, only choose two of the best deals you can find.

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