Fun Trivia on Postcards

You would be surprised at how small you would know about a certain thing, whether it is a postcard printing product or any other publicity material.

Even postcards have its more obscure side which is rarely known to the general public, and for a commonly used commercial printing product, there is surprisingly very little random facts and trivia to be found out about postcards. Usually, with postcard printing, business card printing, flyer printing, and every other printing service you can think of, the lesser known but interesting facts are those that are involved with the history or the general nature of the product itself. And this is true as well for those cheap postcards you send when you are on your vacation or receive whenever a company feels like promoting new products and giving you discounts. Let us look at some of them

The first illustrated post card was probably a joke. As discussed in different sources, postcards have already been in existence for a long time, even back when post and mail was just a budding trade. Thus, it is not hard to imagine how people used to communicate then over long distance, using cards printed with text and short messages. As for the very first illustrated card, it was most likely an inside joke perpetrated by an Englishman using a card hand-painted with a caricature of workers in the post office. Hardly the most elegant of firsts, but nonetheless an interesting pioneer for illustrated postcard mailing.

Postcards/postal cards. The general form and spelling of these two word may seem the same, but they will be nothing more than two closely related pieces of commercial printing product. That is because a postcard is fundamentally different than a postal card due to a single definitive reason which has something to do with the stamps needed. Generally a postcard would require a person to still purchase some stamps in order for them to be mailed, while a postal card comes with the stamps already printed onto its surface, which is why postal cards are usually received from the proper postal authorities.

Deltiology. Just as with anything in this world, whether perfectly normal or mundane, there is a study involved completely with postcards and their collection. Because postcards can come in such an extensive variety of different topics and genre, deltiologists are also varied in the same way. There are those who prefer to collect all things regarding postcards in general, while there are also some who collect postcards merely for their content, that is, the fact that they are postcards is irrelevant. At first you may think that such a venture cannot possibly be very popular, but you would be very much mistaken because Deltiology is said to be third in popularity, next only to stamp collecting and coin collecting.

You would be surprised at how little you would know about a certain thing, whether it is a postcard printing product or any other publicity material. Cheap postcards have been around for a very long time now, and have grown and developed in many different ways, so it is really not surprising if now and again you learn something completely new regarding postcards and their uses.

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